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Warsaw Cycling Tour

Experience Warsaw by bike and see unseen.

Rent a bike for a full day (I would arrange it for you) and visit Warsaw getting to know it well inside out while riding a bike. This tour will discover to you the best of Warsaw shown by both passionate local and official guide in one.

If you never thought of Warsaw by bike, this is a tour for you. Should you be a person that easily gets annoyed doing the sighseeing on foot, take a bike and get to know Warsaw while being on two wheeled vehicle. Only by bike you would get to the most surprised places. Only by bike you will discover places in Warsaw usualy unseen and unreached.

  • See the panorama of Warsaw from the Vistula river;
  • Eat the best ice-cream in Warsaw;
  • Bike along the Royal Route;
  • Count the Mermaids in Warsaw;
  • See Warsaw from the roof of the building;
  • See an old fashioned cinema, the only place in Europe where the time stopped 90 years ago;
  • Bike around the square of the Palace of Culture and Science and look for the lost city.

In one word try to do the sightseeing in different way to get know Warsaw inside out while being on bike!

Please enquiry for price.