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The best of old and modern Warsaw

The best of old and modern Warsaw
walking and car tour
4-6 hours including driving time

To get to know:

  • the heart of Warsaw – the Old Town and to catch a glimpse of Warsaw’s history
  • the most magnificent Warsaw’s park and former Royal Residence
  • why it it difficult to specify where the city center of Warsaw really is
  • the hidden meaning of the Concrete Colossus, the controversial icon of Warsaw

Warsaw has changed a lot since 1989 when the Communist regime ended and the Iron Curtain collapsed.

New opportunities for democratic Poland and its capital resulted in rapid growth of life level and the modern architecture. This was the first time after the WWII when Warsaw revealed from the concrete era of matchboxes architecture. Learn a bit of history and admire the Warsaw’s path toward post modernism.

Visit the Old Town, The Royal Route, Lazienki Park and Palace on the Water, Palace of Science and Culture and modern 21st century architecture magnificent Warsaw University Library, city center skyscrapers and modern Supreme Court building.

Participants: 1-4 people

Cost: 4-6 hours: 130 Euro per tour per up to 4 people
Please contact me for the price of a bigger group
Price includes: guiding service, tax, car transportation, parking fees
Additional costs: Optional - Palace on the Water in Lazienki park entrance fee (3 Euro per person), Palace of Science and Culture panorama terrace (5 Euro per person)

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