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Jewish Warsaw
walking and car tour
3-4 hours including driving time

To get to know:

  • The real charm of prewar Warsaw, a multicultural capital of multicultural Poland and a great impact of Jews on Polish culture
  • Why the Warsaw’s ghetto disappeared nearly completely
  • where to find relics of ghetto
  • where to attend the shows in Yiddish

In Warsaw ghetto, divided into 2 sections (the Small Ghetto and the Large Ghetto) 450,000 Jews were forced to live in very crowded conditions. By the time deportations to the extermination camps began, about 100,000 residents of the Ghetto had died of starvation or disease. After the 1943 Uprising the ruins of the Ghetto were leveled, and a new residential district was built right on top of them.

Visit ghetto area: remains of ghetto walls, synagogue, monuments and historical sites, Jewish cemetery, Jewish Historical Institute (exhibition and film)

Participants: 1-4 people
Cost: 3-4 hours: 110 Euro per tour per up to 4 people
Please contact me for the price of a bigger group
Price includes: guiding service, tax, parking fees
Additional costs: synagogue (1.5 Euro), Jewish cemetery (2 Euro)


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